Defending against 3 stars at th6

The most important army to defend against as a th6 is giwi or giwihealer as these are the most common armies used. The 2nd most common army will be a new th7, often with lvl1 dragons. Defense against dragons includes balloons.

So the main troops to defend against are giants, wizards, healers, balloons and dragons.

To do this - you want:

  • lots of sections so the giants get stuck on walls.
  • Locate spring traps between defenses forcing the giants to step on them
  • Buildings to separate the giants and the wizards (such as a ring around the base)
  • ADs in the 2nd line of defense that are hard to get to with balloons (with other defenses nearby to drag the balloons away).
  • ADs not immediately by each other (so that dragons have a hard time reaching both)
  • Place air mines near ADs but not next to each other (so as to not waste them on the same troop)
  • Remember that as you are not defending against 2 stars, but rather 3 stars - it is not important to have a central town hall.
  • Place the town hall, clan castle, and storages within range of the ADs if possible so that the dragons will be shot at whlie delayed by the high hp buildings
  • The clan castle does not have to be centralized as in most cases a th6 cc will be easily lured anyway. However, if possible make sure the attacker needs to waste a hog or balloon to lure.