Better known as Laloon. Laloon covers a huge array of air attacks and hybrid attacks at TH9. It's a very strong attack that can be acquired early on in th9, and doesn't rely heavily on hero levels, making it a great choice to learn early on at TH9. Different kinds of "vanilla" (non hybrid) attacks include quad laloon, penta laloon, Queen walk laloon, laloonion, and queen pop laloon. This attack takes advantage of bases with xbows pointed down, weak air defenses, poor air defense positioning, and accessible queens to a naked king charge. There are 2 very important things that must be addressed before doing most types of laloon attacks; 1-the cc troops, and 2-the enemy queen unless it's a penta or queen pop variant in which enraged pups are tasked with her demise. In these queen pop methods timing is everything. You must have a rage waiting on your pups around the queen. Balloon deployment in laloon is done surgically usually no more than 3 loons per defense, and in most laloons sections of a base are targeted by lavas, then loons, in a clockwise or counter clockwise manner so that the first group rotates to help reinforce the next group. Do not send a lavahound out and not follow immediately with balloons. They can't tank forever and time is of the essence. The order in which you target defenses can alter the pathing of later sets of balloons. By manipulating the timing and targets you can control what defenses they target next.

A very important thing to mention, is that there are two types of lavaloons. A spam lavaloon and a planned lavaloon. Spam lavaloon is something we see opponents use often in random wars. You spam everything down and hope for the best. Sometimes balloons will luckily knock out the aq, sometimes the pups will get her. And sometimes you flop terribly. Against well designed bases with max defenses/aq this will have way less than a 50% success rate, which means we do NOT advise anyone do this. In a planned attack, you have to focus on 4 main things when planning your attack. 1) how will you kill the cc? 2) how will you kill the aq? 3) where will you deploy the lava hounds? 4) where will you drop the balloons?