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General advice: DragLoon combines dragons and balloons. Dragons have high hp and deal significant dmg overtime but attack any building so are hard to funnel. Balloons attack defenses and deal high dmg but are very slow. Both dragons and balloons are shot down very quickly by air defenses. The key to a successful dragLoon attack is to eliminate the ADs as quickly as possible.With all ADs down the air troops are hard to stop.

Tips In Choosing the Right Base to Attack

-When attacking with dragloon (mass drags with some or no balloons) it is recommended to attack these types of bases:

  1. A base that isn't spread out, concentrated in one area- drags will attack any building so having a spread out base can cause the drag to take extended amounts of time on each building before destroying which, in that time the dragon could be killed.
  2. At Town hall 8 attacking a base with lv.6 Air Defenses (correct if wrong) can only guarantee you a 1 or 2 star for the lv.6 Air Defenses are too powerful for the drags, but 3 starring a base with lv.6 Air Defenses is not impossible.
  3. Air Sweepers usually don't play huge role in preventing a 3 star of a dragloons, but strategically placed (ex. the Air Sweeper is placed behind 2 Air Defenses) and a high level Air Sweeper, can be deadly toward your Dragons. So keep Air Sweepers in mind.
  4. Any Heavy HP building (Elixer Storages and etc.) in front of Air Defenses can slow dragons down, leaving them to be picked off one by one, but that can easily be countered with a Rage Spell
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